Capstan Bar

Walk her ‚round for we’re rolling homeward!       Heave me boys together!
The bully ol ship, she’s a-lying wind’ard, Heave me boys away!
We’re taut and trim and the wins is blowin‘,
Snug up a-loft and the ship she’s going‘
Heave her,or we’ll strand her! For the old ship’s rollin‘ home!

Oh sing and heave and heave and sing,                     Heave me boys together!
Oh heave and make the capstan spring.                   Heave me boys away!
It’s blow you winds to London town-o,
Where the girls are dressed so fine-o                       Heave her …….…. home.

Breast your bars and bend your backs, boys!
Heave and make your spareribs crack, boys.
We’re homeward bound to New York Bay-o,
Make your port and take your pay-o.                        Heave her …….…. home.

Oh the sail’s trimmed taut and the ship she’s goin‘
Oh move her around for the winds are blowin‘;
So goodbye gals we’re bound to leave you,
Goodbye Sally and goodbye Lulu.                             Heave her …….…. home.

Now can’t you hear the wind a howlin‘?
Can’t you hear the bosun growlin‘?
For we’re taut and trim and the wind’s a-blowin‘,
Snug up aloft and the ship’s a-rollin‘.                       Heave her …….…. home.

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